What We Do

Support for Community Primary Schools

Kidcare Shiloh’s Child Development Centre, Ghana

The aim of this new project is to provide a family and children’s centre for the poor and deprived children and families within that specific community. 

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Lubya Community Primary School, Uganda

A school that serves over 500 children in an area called Namungona, on the outskirts of the capital Kampala. Kidcare gives financial support for the staff of this school.

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True Vine Kidcare Primary school, Uganda

This year saw Kidcare buy the land and structures on the land to host this school’s premises.

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Kidcare Alpha Primary School, Uganda

This school started after a Kidcare sponsored child, Michael Nadiope graduated in Education and built this school in a very impoverished village near his hometown.

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Kenya Grace Learning Centre in Kayole, Nairobi

The Grace Learning Center is a Christian school which is founded in the Eastern part of Nairobi, Kenya.

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Dama Education Centre, Kenya

The school provides a welcoming and creative environment, where a wholesome approach to child development enhances student learning.

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Our Projects

Kidcare Economic Empowerment Program (KEEP)

Kidcare is wanting to provide a way for very poor people to improve their economic conditions by helping them to help themselves.

Kidcare’s Medical Program

Kidcare ‘s team visited the Health Centre IV in Buwenge, Uganda in October 2016.

Kidcare’s Support for Feeding Malnourished Children

In a township in Jouberton, Klerksdorp in South Africa, Kidcare has supported a feeding project.

Kidcare’s Building of Community Centres

In Kibetto and the Namwendua villages of Butagaya, sub county of Jinja District in Uganda Kidcare is also building two community centres, one in each village.

Sponsor a Child

Kidcare International started its sponsorship program of individual children to school in April 1999. We have been sponsoring children to school since. To date, we have sponsored children in the following countries, India, South Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.


We can say altogether Kidcare has sponsored around 180 children on an individual sponsorship basis to school. Children are sponsored from Nursery/Primary school through to Secondary and Further Education. We are pleased to report that eight of our Sponsored children have completed University in the last two years.

Our regular Sponsors pay a minimum donation each month. This minimum donation is seen as a contribution towards the school fees. See either pages below for more details :


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Sponsor a Child

Support of Children's Homes

Gatas Children’s Home, Philippines

In the Philippines, Kidcare supports a children’s home in an area known as Gatas near Ipil in the Island of Mindanao.

Children’s Hostel, Kisumu, Kenya

Kidcare partners with Christ Appointed Messengers (CAM) to support a children’s Hostel for 18 orphaned children in Kisumu.

Kidcare Children’s Home in Buwenge, Uganda

This is a home to eight children in Buwenge, a town outside Jinja. Kidcare started this home in 2000.