Kidcare Shiloh’s Child Development Centre, Ghana

The aim of this project is to provide a children’s centre for the poor and deprived children and families within that specific community. The area in which this project is situated is called Gbetsile in Ghana, near Michel Camp in the Tema district of the greater Accra region, near the capital.

A thriving community, which unfortunately has a good number of people (mainly single mothers) squatting in very unfinished homes and very poor conditions. uneducated and very poor. A lot of the children are orphans being looked after by guardians, poor old grandparents and simply women who are very poor. Kidcare has set up a centre in this community which caters for 98 children who would otherwise not go to school. Kidcare is looking to build a school nearby to cater for the educational needs of these children as well as others in the ocmmunity

Currently children attend nursery and early primary learning classes at the Centre. They are fed breakfast and lunch, clothed and looked after from 8 am in the morning until about 4 p.m. Kidcare also engages with the community regularly giving counselling, support and other medical assistance or help needed to the guardians of the children. Kidcare has helped the community by putting up roofs on a couple of the homes (shacks) that the children live in.


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