Kidcare’s Medical Program

Kidcare ‘s team visited the Health Centre IV in Buwenge, Uganda in October 2016. It is called a health centre, but it operates as a general hospital. It lacks basic medical equipment and supplies. Here, Kidcare has formulated a working partnership with the doctors, nurses and management of the centre. Kidcare’s specific focus is on the paediatric ward and Maternity unit. In April 2017, due to fundraising efforts of the Kidcare, a bathroom and toilet unit was built in the maternity department of the hospital.

Various medical supplies are purchased and gifted to the hospital. Kidcare teams visit the hospital bringing, medical supplies and equipment, wheelchairs, baby clothes and essential items for children and new born babies.

Kidcare has also supported other medical clinics and health centres in the Ugandan rural areas.

Kidcare assists children to pay for their medical and hospital bills.


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