Become a Benefactor

Become a Benefactor

Benefactors of the KIDCARE programme are vital to the day to day running of the
organisation. Without the generous donations of benefactors, Kidcare would be virtually impossible to function. Benefactors provide the financial support on a regular basis which KIDCARE which allow us to meet needs, and to further strengthen our programmes. To name a few areas benefactors giving supports:

  • Providing contingency funds in emergency situations e.g. hospital care, feeding, provision of material support, assisting in building of roofs and shelters for poor families
  • Funds are needed for the additional requirements needed to send children to school of which regular sponsorship does not cover
  • Covering the cost of running our projects, eg support for rural schools, rural clinics, children’s homes, school dinners, start ups for small scale businesses for poor families
  • Facilitating field co-ordinators’ travel to villages and schools, seeking out the poor, assessing their needs, finding schools for children, receiving progress reports, buying clothes and the general cost of administering such a programme to children with varying needs
  • Basic administrative costs involved in publishing reports, assisting with public relations, providing for the appropriate maintenance of accounts.
  • And much more

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