Kim and Susanne Madsen

Kim and his wife Susanne are Kidcare partners who coordinate the work of Kidcare in Denmark. Susanne works as a deputy headteacher in a Christian School in Denmark. She loves to teach, encourage children in their learning and assists children and staff members to discover their potential and grow it.

Kim is a Department Manager for the Municipalities in Esbjerg in Denmark, where he leads the staff in their work with people with learning disabilities. Kim is devoted to seeing people develop to the best of their abilities and enjoys facilitating others to work towards achieving their dreams. He has travelled to African countries such as Ghana, Kenya and Uganda (several times) and been on Kidcare missions to work with children and families. He has visited Kidcare supported schools, children’s homes and projects. He is interested in creating possibilities for poor families to take responsibility for their own lives and families.

Both Susanne and Kim joined Kidcare in 2017. They have a heart for children and those who are vulnerable in impoverished areas. They intend through Kidcare to be a blessing for as many people as they can. They have four grown children and grandchildren.