Gift of Items

Kidcare will ship items to countries which we work in. Kidcare will send books, Bibles, play equipment for school, good quality second hand clothes, shoes, towels, slippers, sanitary towels, medicines, spectacles, laptops teaching materials, colouring pencils, etc. A financial contribution towards the cost of shipping will be appreciated if you wish to send items to a nation. Please contact Kidcare for a discussion if you wish to help in this way.  

Donations of cash given to Kidcare can also be given. This is the preferred method of giving gifts of materials kind as nearly all the items can be purchased in the host nations. Any amounts given for a specific purpose will be spent on exactly that item(s).  Items that can be purchased are all of the items stated above, plus bigger items such as beds, mattresses, bicycles, sewing machines, blankets, school and home furniture, mosquito nets, kitchen utensils, school books, laptops, electricity, fridges generators, printers, etc.



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